Heat Pump Troubleshooting

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Heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems you can install in your home or commercial space to provide comfort throughout the year. However, since it runs continuously throughout the year, you might need to schedule bi-annual maintenance services to ensure its efficiency does not degrade.

If you find yourself frequently repairing your syststem, it might be past the point of return and heat pump replacement is the better option. For superior heat pump service in Battle Ground, WA contact Home Energy Group .

Should You Replace or Repair Your Heat Pump System?

Picking between repairing or replacing the heating system can be confusing and exhausting. Here are some factors that will help you decide that replacement is the right choice:

  • Efficiency

An efficient HVAC system is essential these days to maintain electricity bills. It is great if your heat pump system delivers optimum services and makes the environment comfortable by using less electricity. However, if that’s not the case, then you should call our heat pump replacement expert in Brush Prairie, WA, to help look for new energy-efficient models.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance can add extra few years to the lifeline of a heat pump system. You do not need to worry about early replacement if you have annual or bi-annually scheduled maintenance services for your heat pump system. You can schedule a service with an HVAC expert to inspect your system, and repairing the issues will do the job.

  • Performance

It is time to find a new heat pump if you find yourself constantly fidgeting with the thermostat temperature because it can provide appropriate comfort at the same temperature as it used to. Moreover, if the operation has become too noisy, and replacing the air filter does not help to reduce dust in the surroundings, replacement is the best option.

  • Electricity and Utility Bills

If maintaining the heat pump system has become expensive, and maintenance services are inefficient to bring back the lost efficiency, it is better to call our professional heat pump replacement expert in Battle Ground, WA, for inspection.

  • Repairs

If repair costs to fix a malfunctioning heat pump system are half the installation cost of a new one, it is better to install a new one. The average cost of installing a new heat pump is around $5,500, and investing more in fixing an old system is not very cost effective.

When is Repairing The Best Option?

Here are some examples of when choosing heat pump repair is the best option:

  • The technician needs to repair or replace one component
  • The repair costs are reasonable and affordable
  • Repairing is the best option if the heat pump’s warranty is still active
  • If you are thinking of leaving your home and shifting to a new place, it is better to consider repairing rather than replacing it


If you want to avoid expensive repairs or early replacement, it is better to call our expert whenever there is an issue with the heat pump system. A timely inspection can help you repair your heat pump at a reasonable cost. However, if your heat pump is old and performs poorly, even if you’ve repaired it multiple times, you should contact our heat pump replacement expert in Battle Ground, WA, to find a new system for your home. The Home Energy Group experts can help you find the best one for home. Call (360) 944-8616 to schedule a service or to get an installation quote.