Water Heater Troubleshooting

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Tankless water heaters application provides you with heated water, covering the shortcomings of traditional water heaters. Tankless water heaters are based on the principle of conservation of energy. It saves you money, lasts longer if used less often, and prevents you from unnecessary future repair and maintenance. But on encountering any irregular activities from your unit, you can contact for heating repair in Battle Ground, WA.

Seven listed Reasons Hindering the Performance of Your Unit:

  1. The Unit is Not Turning On
The sole purpose of your tankless water heater system is to provide you with heating water whenever you turn it on. But what if your system refused to do its job? The problem lies in the fuel source, which ignites and heat water. You need to check the breaker box to ensure the fuse has not been blown or not, next check the heater is on or not with enough gas to function.

  2. Water Turns Brown?
Suppose you happen to smell something weird or see discoloured water coming out from your unit. It can be caused by excessive minerals that seep into your tankless system all the time. An easy way to fix it is to flush excess amounts of calcium and magnesium using a descaling solution or vinegar from your system.

  3. Showing “No Ignition.”
If your system shows this message of “no ignition” constantly, it indicates that the valve for the gas or water is closed or that the gas supply within the unit is low.

You must check the ignition pack to see if there is enough supply of gas in the tank or not and ensure to open each valve so the gas can ignite the flame.

  4. Flame Not Working
The flame failure to the unit implies that something is restraining the flame from staying ablaze. It could be due to closed valves that don’t provide enough gas or either the blockage in the ventilation, which can be fixed by checking on the gas and water valves being opened or not.

  5. Blockage in the Exhaust Pipe
Your tankless water heater unit needs to have access to fresh air to vent out when it is on. But due to exhaustion blockage, the unit can stop serving its purpose.

You need to check on the exhaust pipe to ensure it is open and without any holes in it, and the ventilation area must be clean from inside and outside.

  6. Temperature Fluctuation
The water coming out of the unit is inconsistent with the temperature when the tap is on. The cause might be the last used hot water in the unit.

Keep patient and let the unit heats the water. Once it is done, you can use the water from the unit.

  7. Overloading
Once the system reaches its limit, it stops providing enough hot water. Resetting your system with one tap running will resolve the issue.

But, if the problem doesn’t seem to subside, you need a heat pump repair in Brush Prairie, WA, by an appropriate certified professional.

Regarding tankless water heater services, contact us, Home Energy Group, Inc. You can schedule your HVAC services with our professional technicians along with maintenance plans.