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4 Signs Your Ac Needs Replacing

Most AC units last about 10-12 years However, air conditioners can easily last up to 15-17 years. Most homeowners who read HVAC blogs are aware …

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The Benefits and Costs of Replacing Old AC Units

If you’ve read our blog on signs you need to replace your old AC unit and understand the symptoms, you should read this one. In …

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7 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairing

Air conditioners are an integral part of the Vancouver summer lifestyle. When the unit stops working completely, it is easy to diagnose that there’s a …

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What Would Happen If You Set Your Ac Too Low?

The majority of AC owners fail to understand the difference between a suitable temperature and a temperature too cool. In hopes to cool down their …

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5 Signs That Indicate A Need For AC Replacement

Air conditioners might be a long-term investment, but the investment will end sometime in the future. If you’ve drained your air conditioner more than its …

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How To Set The Temperature On Daikin Air Conditioner?

The summer temperatures in Vancouver, WA, are here, and it’s boiling outside. Numerous families have received their first or second summer electric bills – and …

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