What To Watch For During Ductless Heat Pump Installation

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Nowadays, it is important to equip your home with a high-efficiency heat pump. Do not attempt to install the system yourself, as this could result in costly damages. If you happen to reside in Battle Ground, WA, or the surrounding areas, contact Home Energy Services. Our skilled technician will perform quality heat pump installation for you, without any faults.

Things to remember while installing a heat pump

1. Preparing Your Home

  • Our expert technician will consult you to choose the best interior and outdoor unit locations before installation. Make sure that the outside space you’ve picked is clear of clutter and outdoor furniture before you start your installation.
  • Regarding the indoor units, keep in mind that a ladder is required to install high wall-mounted devices or access ducts. As a result, this would be a good time to move any furniture blocking the technician’s path.
  • By assessing your house for leaks and draughts and then caulking them up or hiring an expert to fix them, you might also take the time to maximize the energy efficiency of your new equipment.
  • If there are no draughts, your high-efficiency heat pump will have the most influence on your energy costs and will be able to keep your house comfortable.

2. Installing The Compressor

Installing the compressor in a suitable place outside the house will be the first step in installing your heat pump. Make sure that pathways, windows, and doors are maintained free. To properly remove heat from the air during the colder months, there must be a constant flow of air.

3. Ducts or Ductless?

Your high-efficiency heat pump installation will either be ducted or ductless, depending on the system you have chosen, with the help of our expert. Your heat pump can use the existing ducts in your house from an earlier furnace and central air conditioning system and be fitted right into the current system.

A ductless system can be the best option if your home does not currently have ducts or if you are having a new home built. Get in touch with us for professional heating repair in Vancouver, WA.

4. Location

You may choose the sort of ductless heat pump system appropriate for your house, but the most common option is a wall-mounted unit positioned up high, close to the ceiling. In contrast to devices situated lower to the ground, which could be obstructed by furniture, this enables the unit to heat or cool a broader area.

To reduce the need for uncomfortable or lengthy cabling, you should also use any electrical and thermostat systems already in place in the house. Your heat pump can function with your current thermostat, but now would be a good time to think about switching to a smart thermostat system that can better serve your entire home.

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No matter which system you choose for your home, you can always expect quality service from the experts at Home Energy Services. Our specialists will help you make the best choice for your home, and our technicians and installation experts will ensure you have the smoothest delivery and installation possible.