Why Is My House So Hot Even With AC On?

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Although the summer lasts for less than three months in Prairie, still, it is hard to adjust to the above 85-degree temperatures here. Thankfully our air conditioning makes this adjustment easy and keeps us cool during the oppressive summer seasons. 

Out of all the AC malfunctions, AC not cooling the room is the most annoying problem. If you are also struggling with the hot indoors even after turning your AC on, do not look immediately for air conditioning replacement in Brush Prairie, WA. Instead, look for the root cause of the problem and then apply a suitable solution.

Five Reasons That Make an AC inefficient

Don’t worry about how to know why your house is hot even with AC on. Just read below, and you will find the solution to your problem.

  • Obstruction near air vents: If the air vents are blocked, there is no chance you will receive cool air from your AC. Due to blockage, the air will not circulate throughout the room, and your room will be hot even when AC is in working mode. 

  • Open windows and doors: The cool air will vent if you keep the windows and doors open. This unnecessary ventilation allows the outside warmth to enter indoors and cool air to exit outside. Thus, it is necessary to keep the windows and doors closed and put a curtain on them.

  • Absence of proper shading: This problem happens when the outdoor unit’s airflow is restricted or blocked by something. When there is no shading near the outdoor unit to block the sunlight and excessive heat, you will have to struggle with hot indoors. Providing proper shading to your outdoor unit is essential.

  • Rotten insulation and leakage: Insulation defect is the most prominent reason behind AC not cooling the room. If the coolant leaks because of damaged or improper insulation, the amount of coolant in the AC soon empties. This problem makes the room as hot as it is outside.

  • Incorrect sizing problem: When you install too small air conditioning in your home, because of the small size, it cools down the room partially. Hence, half of the room remains hot.

Ways to fix the AC, not the cooling issue

  • Clear out all the obstructions near the air vents and the outdoor unit. 
  • For ventilation, look for a mechanical ventilation service rather than keeping the windows open.
  • Plant trees or bushes near the outdoor unit providing enough space for airflow. The plants and bushes can block the sun’s rays.
  • Replace the damaged insulation, go for double insulation, and seal the leaking ducts.
  • If sizing is the main problem behind ineffective cooling, don’t look for air conditioning repair in Brush Prairie, WA. Instead, get your AC replaced.
  • If you use a non-programmable thermostat, install a programmable one to prevent temperature variations.

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