Why Is It So Expensive To Install A New Furnace?

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According to recent estimates, the average cost of installing a furnace is around $6,000. This cost, along with the actual cost of the furnace, can make furnace installation in Brush Prairie, WA, one of the more expensive services that you may invest in. The cheapest installation option, which also includes the furnace price, would be bringing in an electric furnace as the average cost is $3,000. However, installing a natural gas furnace is the most expensive averaging at close to $5,500.

Reasons Why Furnace Installation Is Costly

It is only natural to question why furnace installation is such a costly investment. The short answer is that the furnace installation in Brush Prairie, WA, can depend on a variety of factors, including the geographical location and the type of furnace being installed.

However, looking at this answer in-depth will reveal that there are essentially four reasons why furnace installation in Brush Prairie, WA, is so expensive:

  • Complicated Process:

Technicians that carry out installations and offer heating repair in Brush Prairie, WA, have to deal with different components of the furnace. In addition to this, every home is different; therefore, they will have to consider different situations and accordingly fit the furnace in the best place possible. It is only sensible to hire a proficient techie for installing a furnace to ensure that the workflow isn’t affected and there are no mishaps after installations. Therefore, just for the expertise of the technician, you will have to spend some money.

  • Several Risks:

You may also be tempted to hire cheaper technicians, but they may not provide quality service. If this is the decision you opt for, you may be putting your life and the lives of your loved ones at risk. This is because improper installation of a furnace can result in several undesirable consequences. This includes carbon monoxide leaks and more. Therefore, one must ensure that they are hiring capable technicians within a reasonable price range.

  • Long-Term Use:

Furnaces tend to last for more than 10 years irrespective of the type it is. Some furnaces like natural gas furnaces or oil furnaces can last even longer than that. Therefore, investing in a furnace will mean carrying out a long-term investment. That is, other than hiring the occasional heating repair in Brush Prairie, WA, there is not much else that you will be spending on when it comes to the furnace. This factor also plays a role in the final installation bill.

  • Previous Furnace:

Although many people do not know this, the installation price is also influenced by the furnace you installed before the new one. This is because different types of units will have different specifications regarding their capability to heat a room and more. For example, shifting from an electric furnace to a gas one would mean that you will have to install a gas line as well.

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