Why Does Your AC Turn On And Off Every Few Minutes?

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No one likes an air conditioner that troubles them. Many people interested in purchasing air conditioners want to buy the best model in the market to save themselves from the trouble of contacting a professional technician for regular air conditioning repair in Brush Prairie, WA.

AC Turns On And Off Every Few Minutes: Short Cycling.

If you own an AC unit you know that short cycling is one of the most irritating problems with an air conditioner. The constant short cycling damages numerous parts of your air conditioner, but if you know some of its main reasons, you can easily avoid that problem without spending money on an HVAC bill:

  • Wrong location of the thermostat: Your air conditioner will not know what to do if your thermostat is not present. The thermostat is the main instructor for the air conditioner as it determines the ideal temperature for your home. Moreover, it also controls the working cycles of your cooling system.

    These works are enough to understand what can happen if your thermostat malfunctions or is in the wrong place. If the thermostat is near a heat-generating appliance, it will detect the wrong temperature and give confusing instructions to the air conditioner, leading to short cycling.

  • Dirty air filters: Several professional technicians call the air filters the ‘lungs’ of your air conditioner. The reason is simple; the air filters ensure a smooth airflow within the system and your home and purify the indoor air to maintain its quality.

    However, if the air filters start clogging due to dirt and dust, the airflow will face obstructions, leading to short cycling of your cooling system. The best way to avoid this is by regularly replacing your air filters with new ones every 1-3 months.

  • Refrigerant leakage: If you have thoroughly cleaned your system, you should be aware of the evaporator coils. These coils carry refrigerant in them that helps in the cooling of your home.

    Sometimes, due to factors like ice formation and the old age of the system, these coils face leakages, and refrigerant leaks through them. Moreover, leaking refrigerant will not allow the air conditioner to work efficiently, leading to unwanted short cycling.

  • Wrong size of the system: If your newly-bought air conditioner is short-cycling, you should contact the technician who provided you with air conditioning replacement in Brush Prairie, WA, and ask them to look into the matter. New air conditioners often short cycle due to the wrong side of the system as per your home.

    You should avoid buying a large conditioner because it will cool your home quicker than a smaller one. A small home needs a small air conditioner, and a large home needs a large air conditioner. Contact a professional technician for accurate measurements of your home to shortlist suitable models.


An air conditioner faces many problems besides short cyclings, like ice formation, unwanted noises, and foul smells. Owners cannot fix all these problems themselves, and they need a trustworthy company to fix them.

Home Energy Heating can help you tackle your HVAC problems at the earliest with the latest gadgets. Contact us to talk to our customer care executive.