What Makes A AC Unit Freeze Up?

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Air conditioner owners have to face several air conditioner problems during the average lifespan of their system, and it is one of the duties of owners to take proper care of their systems. 

Ice formation may not seem like a serious problem, but it can single-handedly reduce the working efficiency of your air conditioner to zero. Fix the ice formation problem without contacting a technician for AC repair in Ridgefield.

Causes and solutions of a formation on air conditioners

  • Restricted airflow: Airflow happens inside the air conditioner as well, and the airflow inside the system ensures there is no dust on the parts working in the system and there is a constant temperature.

    What happens is that the coils carrying the refrigerant need a constant temperature to work efficiently. If there are strong fluctuations in the temperature inside the system, the evaporator coils may freeze, and your system will develop ice.

  • Solution: Since this problem involves airflow, you can avoid this issue by constantly checking the air filters of your air conditioner. Ensure there are free of cloggings and blockages that may hinder the airflow inside the system.

    While you let your system rest for a few hours to melt the ice, check your air filters. If they are too dirty, you can be sure that restricted airflow was the reason for ice formation.

  • Unbalanced refrigerant levels: Along with a constant temperature, it is also important that the pressure inside the air conditioner stays constant with lesser fluctuations.

    A malfunctioning part in your air conditioner will increase or decrease the pressure inside your air conditioner. The decrease in temperature will cause the coils to freeze, and ice formation will occur.

  • Solution: If you have enough experience repairing the malfunctioning parts, you can try fixing them without contacting a professional.

    However, if the malfunctioning part is beyond your reach or the decrease in temperature was due to a refrigerant leakage, you should call a professional.

  • A lower temperature at night: You may know that an air conditioner can work between a specific temperature range that differs from model to model and the working area.

    The latest air conditioners can easily function efficiently at extremely high and low temperatures. If you own an old air conditioner, it may develop ice on its surface if the temperature at night drops lower than its operating range.

  • Solution: There are two possible solutions to this issue. One is switching off your air conditioner when you think the temperature at night may drop below its operating range so that you can avoid ice formation.

    A smart thermostat can switch off your air conditioner when it detects the wrong working temperature, providing several other benefits that will be helpful to you in the long run.


It is possible that your system still develops ice even after you try these tips, or you may run into another air conditioner problem. 

In such cases, contact Home Energy Group for the best solutions. We can offer HVAC services like a furnace and AC installation in Ridgefield, WA.