What Happens If AC Runs All Day?

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Your air conditioner should operate for around 15 minutes each cooling cycle on a typical summer day. However, there is a good chance that something is wrong with your system, and you may require an AC replacement in Battle Ground, WA if your cooling phases persist throughout the day.

What does it mean by AC running continuously?

An air conditioning system uses a refrigeration cycle to offer comfortable cooling in the summer. The following four elements are used in the refrigeration process:

  • Compression
  • Evaporator
  • Expansion device
  • Condenser

To remove the heat from the indoor air and fill the space in the room with cold air, the air moves from one component to another. The refrigeration cycle starts when the air conditioner’s compressor turns on and continues until the thermostat indicates that the desired temperature has been reached with a green signal.

An air conditioner that is completely accurate should run two to three cycles per hour. Between 15 and 20 minutes pass throughout a cycle. The cycle should pause for a bit before starting over. Therefore, you have a problem that must be rectified if you discover that your AC is not turning off for even a brief time.

What causes the air conditioning system to operate continuously?

  • A small size AC unit: The effectiveness of the services is significantly influenced by size. Smaller AC units must work a little harder for a longer period to adequately chill a room. As a result of achieving the thermostat’s temperature, the AC may have to run continually.

  • Not providing maintenance services: Every air conditioning service specialist emphasizes the significance of maintenance services. For accurate operation, maintenance services clean the air passage and components. There is no likelihood that a problem will arise for a certain period if your AC system is maintained and examined by an expert.

  • Blocked air filters: If the filters, registers, and ducts are not cleaned on time, all the dust accumulates on them. The dust occupies the gap, making it impossible for fresh air to enter the system. To obtain the proper quantity of air, the AC compressor operates constantly.

  • Reduce duct insulation strength: Insulation might also be a concern if your AC system uses ducts to move air around the house. You might not get cool air in the room if the duct insulation is compromised because it encourages the cool air to disperse into the surroundings. The air conditioning compressors run until the desired temperature is not attained because the thermostat indicates it has not been reached.

  • Incorrect thermostat readings: A difference in the thermostat’s calibration or incorrect settings may also cause the issue. The switch to modern thermostats that do not use mercury to measure the temperature and maybe a better option. 

How to fix the issue?

Call us  Home Energy Group, Inc for air conditioning installation in Battle Ground, WA. The professional will perform the necessary operation and resolve the issue in a few minutes.