The Benefits and Costs of Replacing Old AC Units

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If you’ve read our blog on signs you need to replace your old AC unit and understand the symptoms, you should read this one. In this article, we’ll focus on the benefits of replacing your AC unit, how much money you can expect to save, and how you should go about finding a new unit.

What Are The Benefits of Replacing Old Ac Units?

There are three main advantages of replacing your old AC unit with a new one. We’ve contacted several contractors who provide AC installation in Battle Ground, WA, to determine these three benefits. These are as follows –

  • The new AC will have higher energy efficiency, and therefore you will notice a reduced working cost. This may be visible in your monthly utility bills.
  • The new AC will come with guarantees which means you may get a discount for repairs. You may not need a repair service for the first year, which is a further cost reduction.
  • The new AC will also be able to provide better cooling for your home.
  • The new AC will help you reduce your carbon footprint since they are more energy-efficient.

What Are The Costs of Replacing An Ac?

When you’re replacing an AC, you will have to pay for the unit as well as the labor costs. The latter is generally a fixed price provided by your contractor. However, you can get an estimate of the replacement by calling a contractor. The contractor will give you an estimate of how much the unit will cost you.

Three Major Factors Decide This –

1. The Area of Your Home

The area of your home will decide the size of the unit you need. An incorrect unit size may mean your home is too cold or not cold at all.

2. The Number of Rooms in Your Home

The efficiency of your unit will be determined by how many rooms it is expected to cool. Especially true if you plan to get central air.

3. The Features You Want

The cost of the unit also depends on other features like the SEER rating. Units with a higher SEER rating, i.e., higher energy efficiency, are more expensive since they’re environment-friendly.

4. The Type of Ac You Want

Do you want a mini-split, a central air or a window AC? There are many different types of AC, and depending upon the type you choose, you will get the cost.

Do You Need to Consult Someone Before Buying?


Consulting a contractor before buying a new unit is optional but recommended. Calling a contractor will save you the trouble of buying and returning the wrong unit. Additionally, contractors also have experience with many different brands, types, and units. They will be able to advise you on the right unit for your home without any trial and error.

If you don’t have a contractor to call, you should opt for Home Energy Heating. They are the best contractor for AC replacement in Battleground, WA. Their services include both residential and commercial properties. Find out more by visiting their website