Six Reasons A Spring AC Tune Up Is Vital

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Spring is almost here, and the weather seems excellent. Summer seems far away as we bask in the warm sunshine, with a few chillier days of rain thrown in for good measure. It seems strange to think about air conditioning at this point.

But, whether you like it or not, your air conditioner will emerge from its winter hibernation in the not-too-distant future to fight on the front lines against the harsh high temperatures and high humidity of the summer season. Therefore, spring is the perfect time to call experts for an AC tune-up in Battle Ground, WA.

Reasons Why You Should Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Spring


Here are some reasons to schedule a spring AC tune-up

  • A Tune-Up Will Kick-Start Your Air Conditioner

During the relatively mild winter months, your air conditioning system was most likely turned off for an extended period, if at all. Furthermore, if your HVAC system has been dormant since October or November of last year, this period of inactivity has allowed dust and debris to accumulate and the advancement of a mechanical or electrical problem. A certified heating and cooling technician will be able to clean your system and inspect it for any- problems, allowing your AC to get a head start on the hot season.

  • An AC Tune-Up Lowers Your Chances of a Breakdown

Have you ever had your air conditioner stop working when you required it the most? Having it revved up before the summer can help prevent this breakdown, as the technologist will look for and fix any potential issues. Predictive maintenance is almost always less expensive than repairing a malfunction!

  • Energy Efficiency Will Improve, While Cooling Costs Will Fall

During the winter, the accumulation of dust and debris on the air conditioning unit coils can cause your system to operate inefficiently. Your technician can increase the operating effectiveness of your air conditioner and save you cash on your energy bill by washing the coils and other critical mechanical components.

  • The Indoor Air Quality Will Improve

This same dust and debris can make the rounds throughout your home, causing allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to it. Removing these harmful allergens will improve indoor air quality and your family’s comfort.

  • Regular Upkeep can Prolong the Life of an Air Conditioner

Routine maintenance will make your air conditioning system run more efficiently, but it will also last longer. In addition, your air conditioner technologist will be able to calculate how much life your older air conditioning system has left in it.

  • The EPA and EnergyStar Both Recommend Regular Service

Think again if you believe that regular air conditioner upkeep is just a sales tactic devised by HVAC companies to pad their bottom lines. For optimal performance, both the EPA 1 and EnergyStar 2 recommend frequent, annual upkeep of your air conditioner.

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