How Do You Know If Your Air Conditioner Is Broken Or Breaking

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The air conditioner is an essential part of every household. It protects you and your family from the sweltering heat of summer. It is understandable then to get worried if it starts showing signs of breaking down. The issue may require you to opt for an air conditioning replacement in Brush Prairie, WA.

Know when your AC system is about to break down or has already broken down

If you can identify the signs correctly, you can opt for the right AC service – repair or replacement. You won’t need a replacement service when the problem can be resolved through minor repair work.

  • The AC is Making Weird Noises

Your AC system runs continuously; you may hear occasional noises like screeching, whooshing, banging, hissing, etc. However, this condition should not be ongoing. If it does, call for our professional AC service in Vancouver, WA, to inspect the issue. If the problems can’t be resolved through repair work, your AC may have to be replaced.

  • The AC System won’t Turn on

When you fail to turn your AC on, it is a definitive sign your system has broken down. Several potential reasons can be behind this problem:
1. Improper thermostat setting
2. Frozen evaporator coils
3. Circuit board issue, etc

 Since these problems are mechanical, it’s best to contact our professionals.

  • Utility Bill has Risen Significantly

An increased electric bill indicates that your AC system is failing. When your AC has to work harder than usual, it consumes more energy. This usually happens when one or more parts have stopped working. It is a condition that will result in you spending a significant expense on your electric bill and pushes your AC to the limit. It’s a good idea to contact our reliable AC service in Vancouver, WA, when you spot this problem.

  • The Indoor Air Quality has Deteriorated

The indoor air quality relies significantly on the operation of the air filters. The filters are responsible for pulling all the dust, dirt, pollen, or airborne particles into the mesh. If you avoid cleaning the filter often, its condition will deteriorate, and so will the indoor air quality.

You can clean or replace the filters and determine if the air quality has improved. If it remains the same, call our professionals to inspect the unit.

Whether your AC is breaking down or has broken down completely, you need to contact an HVAC professional soon. Technicians will inform you if repair work would be enough or if you must choose an air conditioner replacement in Brush Prairie, WA.

That is where Home Energy Group, Inc, comes in. Our exceptional AC service will leave you satisfied and living in comfort. Hire us, and you won’t have to rely on any other service provider again. Call us at 360-944-8616 to learn more today.