Repair or Replace An Air Conditioner? The Right Way To Decide

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The months are getting cooler, and if you’ve survived the summer without your air conditioning unit malfunctioning, you might be celebrating. Summers are impossible to go through without a properly working air conditioner. When an AC breaks down, it’s the worst nightmare for the residents.

However, if your ac does have issues, fall is the best season to work on them. Ac repairing services don’t charge as much now as they would in the summer. If you need to buy a new air conditioner, you might get discounts too.

However, how do you decide what to do? Do you spend some money and get your unit replaced? Or do you invest in a new air conditioner? It’s easy to get confused about what would be the right decision. Do you need an AC replacement in Battleground, WA, or a brand new AC installation?

Most contractors who provide air conditioning replacement in Ridgefield, WA, and Battleground, WA, agree that certain factors can help you decide!

  • Age of the unit

Air conditioners usually have a lifespan of about ten to fifteen years. If your unit is fifteen or more years old, it may be time to replace it. However, if it’s not too old, its issues could be easily fixable.

Sometimes units fail even after ten years, depending on what condition or climate they’re in. Always remember that the age of your unit is a crucial factor in deciding whether you need an AC replacement.

  • Source of the issue

What is the source of your issue? If it’s your compressor that has failed, you might want to consider replacing your old unit with a new one. Look for AC replacement in Battleground, WA. However, if the issue is minor, like a refrigeration leak, it can be fixed with a repair.

  • Cost of fixing

Ask around to know how much it would cost to fix your air conditioner. Remember to always get multiple opinions from various sources. Never rush into any decision or let anyone pressure you into buying a new unit.

If it turns out that the damage is significant, and the cost of fixing is almost equal to the cost of a new unit, then you may be better off making a new purchase. New units consume less power and work better.

  • Frequency of issues

Does your air-conditioning unit frequently break down? Do you have to pay for repairs often? If it is so, then you should buy a new air conditioner. Frequent breakdowns are a sign that the unit isn’t functioning properly anymore and that it will break down yet again in the future.

In that case, it is better to invest in a brand new unit. However, if your air conditioner was working fine until now and never really causes trouble, then get it repaired in the initial stage.

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