Precautions One Must Take Before And During AC Installation

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Did you know that how you install an AC massively impacts its performance? Yes! If not done correctly, your AC not only malfunctions but can break down as well.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep a few things in mind during the air conditioning installation in Vancouver, WA.

Tips that Guarantees Best Air Conditioner Installation

Check out how to extend the life of your air conditioning system tenfold with proper AC installation techniques.

1. The installation location must be best for your cooling equipment

Did you know that the place where you install your AC has a lot to do with its efficiency? Yes, it does! Fortunately, the expert techs know all about it. So, you can take their advice before an AC installation easily.

Here are some AC pre-installation measures suggested by experts

  • Window AC or even the indoor unit of a Split AC must not face a door or window directly. If it does, the possibility of cold air leakage increases.
  • You should never keep the outdoor unit of a Split AC under direct sunlight. If you do it, the outdoor unit can overheat during summers and affect the performance of the AC.

2. Inspect the installation of the drain pipes thoroughly

If a technician does not install the drain pipes suitably, the water can pour back into the unit and damage it. Besides, any leaks in the drainpipe can lessen the efficiency of the system too. Therefore, during AC installation, it is crucial to ensure no leakages in the drain pipes.

3. Align the copper pipes properly

If you do not install the copper pipes properly, they are bent or broken, refrigerant leakage becomes inevitable. Now, this can reduce the cooling efficiency. Therefore, during an old AC replacement in Vancouver, WA, ensure no leaks or cuts in the copper pipes.

4. Make sure the calibration of the AC is correct after filling the refrigerant

Latest ACs come with pre-filled Freon gas. So, once you receive the AC, ensure that the calibration is perfect during installation.

Precautions To Take After AC Installation

Just as being vigilant during the AC installation enhances the performance of an AC, attentiveness afterward extends the life of your AC. Therefore, do not forget some crucial things that impact the efficiency of your cooling system.

  • After a successful air conditioning installation in Vancouver, WA, too, you must hire an expert for AC maintenance annually.
  • Never pour any liquid into the AC unit as it will damage the insulation
  • Keep your electrical appliances away from the indoor and outdoor AC units.
  • Keep the power supply off while cleaning the AC. Plus, never try to open the panel when the AC is on & when the fan is still rotating.
  • Lastly, If it’s over a year now and your AC is due for servicing, contact an expert AC technician immediately.

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