Is It Worth Repairing A Heat Pump?

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A heat pump is an essential system. Like other units, a heat pump installation includes one indoor and one outdoor unit. From its name, you may assume that it only pumps heat and makes an area warm during winter, but the benefit of a heat pump does not end with the last day of the winter season.

It also absorbs the warm indoor air and throws the heat outdoors. This way, it makes an area cooler during summer. You will mainly find three heat pumps, i.e., air source, water, and ground. Out of these three types, air-source and water-source heat pumps are the first choices for many. However, all three heat pumps are equally beneficial. A heat pump requires less maintenance than a central heating and cooling system.

It saves money on electricity and maintenance. All heat pumps function similarly but use different cooling and heating sources. Therefore, the repair and replacement requirements of the heat pumps are also the same, irrespective of the type. We can save money on its repair or replacement and enhance its efficiency if we know which service it needs and when.

1. Heat pump repair can be beneficial

  • If your heat pump has not completed 10 years yet, it still has years of life. You can keep using your not-so-old heat pump by troubleshooting its issues with a repair.
  • If the heat pump defects are minor, these can be fixed without burdening the expenses of heat pump replacement. It is a common issue that needs repair, not a replacement.
  • If it is well-maintained, it will rarely break down. Thus, a heat pump that is not very well-maintained should be repaired.

2. Install a new heat pump

  • If repairs are not helpful for long, choose a replacement. When your heating system is approximately 10 to 12 years old, it may break down often. For these frequent problems, repair is a temporary solution.
  • If you want to upgrade to the more energy-efficient and better-quality heating model, you should opt for heat pump replacement services with Home Energy Group Inc. in Battleground, WA.
  • When there are too many issues to fix, the repairs will cost you more than the replacement. Compare the charges and if the repair cost is 30% to 40% higher than the replacement cost, prefer heat pump replacement in Battlegrounds, WA.

3. Expenses of a heat pump

Replacing a Heat Pump Installation in Battle Ground WA can cost you a minimum of $3500. The maximum charges depend on labor charges, heat pump type, and unit size. It can go above $10,000, too, especially if you have a geothermal heat pump. So, estimate the expenses involved in repair and replacement before deciding.


It would be best if you got in touch with Home Energy Group Inc. to get your heat pump fixed. We have 20 years of experience handling all residential, commercial, and new HVAC units. We can help you receive maximum comfort by understanding your needs and serving you with an ideal HVAC solution. Drop an email to book our HVAC service.