How To Set The Timer On Daikin AC Remote?

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If you have just had your Daikin Air Conditioner installed, the chances are that the operating manual sounds Greek to you. After all, operating manuals are technical, often beyond the layman’s language. However, setting the timer on your Daikin AC remote is easy – if you know what to do.

The HVAC system is an investment. You do not want to ruin your chances by any uninformed gesture. If you do not understand the specifics of your Daikin AC remote, it is better to ask an expert for help. The Daikin AC remote comes with a separate operating manual. The manual is illustrated with diagrams to help you better understand the specifics of the remote. Unfortunately, the diagram can be a little complicated to an untrained eye. Therefore, it is recommended that you ask for a demonstration from your contractor.

Here is how you can set the timer on the Daikin air conditioner remote:

1. Go Through the Operation  Manual

By going through the Daikin operation manual, you familiarize yourself with the remote. The manual has a diagram explaining all the features and physical parts of your Daikin AC remote. Even if you’re asking your contractor for help, reading the Daikin AC remote operation manual is important. It helps you understand the basics of the remote and how it works. Once you know how your Daikin AC remote works, setting the timer is easy.

2. Installation of the Daikin AC Remote

Thankfully for technical newbies, Daikin has a detailed diagram showing exactly how to install the AC remote. The Daikin guide sheds light on remote controller loss prevention with the ball chain. This process is optional, and you might ask your contractor to help you out.

3. Operating Guide for Daikin AC Remote

The operating guide for your Daikin AC remote is key to understanding the specifics of your AC. Skimming through the guide is a good idea if you want to know how the Daikin air conditioner works. Switching on the power button usually turns on the timer of the Daikin air conditioner remote.

The Operating Guide Has Detailed Diagrams of the Daikin AC Remote. It is Numbered so That you can Easily Understand the Functions of Each Button.

  • Press the button once to power on your Daikin AC.
  • Press the button once again to switch off the AC.

OFF Timer Setting of Daikin AC Remote

  • Pressing this button will switch on the off-timer of your Daikin AC.
  • You can set the requisite time by pressing the off-timer button continuously.

ON Timer Setting of Daikin AC Remote

  • You can turn on the timer button by clicking on the ON TIMER option continuously.
    Set the requisite time to switch the AC on.
  • Both the Off timer and On timer buttons can be canceled by pressing the cancel button.

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