How To Set The Temperature On Daikin Air Conditioner?

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The summer temperatures in Vancouver, WA, are here, and it’s boiling outside. Numerous families have received their first or second summer electric bills – and they’re breaking out in a sweat over the amount due. It can be hard to stay comfortable in summers without constantly adjusting the room temperature.

When the mercury is soaring high, it’s hot enough for anyone and anything. Learn the best way to set the temperature on your Daikin Air Conditioner this summer.

For the Perfect Indoor Air Temperature

  • The lower you set your thermostat, the longer your air conditioner will run and the higher your electricity will be.
  • The longer your air conditioner operates, the greater your electric bill will be.
  • Hence, the more you can decrease the disparity between the outdoor temperature and your indoor temperature, the less your air conditioner will run, and the lower your summer air conditioning bills will be.

How to set the Temperature?

The Daikin AC operates with the operation mode of your choice. From the next time on, the air conditioning system will operate with the same operation mode.

To Start operation:

1. Press and select an operation mode

• Each pressing of the button progresses the mode setting in sequence: AUTO DRY COOL HEAT FAN

2. Press

• “” is shown on the LCD.
• The OPERATION lamp brightens.

To end operation, press again.

• “” vanishes from the LCD.
• Then the OPERATION lamp turns off.
„ To change the temperature setting

Press up or down.

• The displayed items on the LCD will alter whenever one of the buttons is pressed.

Heating operation

• Since the Daikin AC heats the room by taking heat from outdoor air to indoors, the heating capacity becomes less in lower outdoor temperatures. If the heating is insufficient, it is suggested to use another heating equipment in combination with the air conditioning unit.

• The heat pump system heats the room by disseminating hot air around all areas of the room. After the start of the HEAT operation, it takes a little while before the room gets warm.

Frost may occur on the outdoor unit and lessen the heating capacity. The air conditioning system switches into a defrosting operation to take away the frost.

• During the defrosting process, hot air doesn’t flow out of the indoor unit.

COOL operation

• This AC cools the room by blowing the hot air in the room, so if the outside temperature is high, the air conditioning unit’s performance declines.

DRY operation

• The computer chip works to alleviate the room humidity while maintaining the temperature. It automatically regulates temperature and airflow rate, so manual adjustment of these functions is inaccessible.

AUTO operation

• The air conditioning system automatically selects the setting at an occasional interval to bring the room temperature to user-setting level.
• If you are not a fan of AUTO operation, manually change the temperature settings.

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