How Often Should An Outdoor AC Unit Be Cleaned?

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When Should Your Air Conditioner Be Serviced?

  • Expert HVAC contractors Vancouver WA, agree that your HVAC system should be maintained twice a year. And air conditioning tune-ups should be scheduled at the end of the spring and fall seasons.
  • It’s preferable to get the work done before the summer, as AC companies tend to be busy that time of year and it’s not extremely hot yet.
  • When you put your HVAC system under stress, it tends to fail, and the last thing you want is for it to fail when the temperatures are dangerously high or low.

How To Maintain A Ducted AC Unit?

  • It’s a good idea to clean the ceiling vents once a month or so to keep debris and dust at bay. HVAC companies Vancouver WA recommend engaging a professional every 12 months for any additional components depending on usage.

How To Maintain Split System AC?

  • Two units make for a split system air conditioner. One is mounted on the intended room’s wall, while the other is outside. Both are linked by a network of copper pipes and electrical lines. The outside unit serves as a condenser that allows hot air to be drawn in through the indoor unit.
  • The air filters in the interior unit should be the main emphasis; they collect dust and debris from the air and should be vacuumed or wiped clean every few months. If not regularly cleaned, the coils might become covered in debris, decreasing their functioning and overall efficiency.
  • Depending on usage, these components only need to be inspected by a professional annually. Keeping plants trimmed back, and the area surrounding the unit clear are other strategies to keep your outside unit in good operating order.

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