How Often Is It Necessary to Service an Air Conditioner?

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HVAC experts say that it is best to call experts for AC service in Vancouver, WA, once or twice a year. However, when you want to hire a professional for AC servicing is entirely up to you.

Remember, an air conditioner cannot run smoothly for 10-15 years without proper maintenance. So, you will have to hire a professional eventually. Besides, when your cooling system needs a tune-up depends on the age of AC, condition, and how much you use it.

Therefore, it is best to take the advice of a professional and get your cooling system checked before summer.

The Advantages That Come With Timely AC Servicing

Do you know that your AC will lose 5% every year efficiency if you never service it?

  • Regular AC servicing and AC repair in Vancouver, WA, in time, guarantees the better performance of the system during hot temperatures.
  • With AC servicing every year, you can make your cooling system more efficient, which will help you keep your power bills low.
  • Lastly, if you hire specialists for AC service in Vancouver, WA, you will never face AC emergencies during the summer. So, you can save on costly repairs too!

When is the Best Time for AC service, and When Should You do it?

If you are planning on hiring a professional at the end of the year for AC service, it’s okay. However, if you notice performance issues or minor cooling problems, calling an expert now will be best. Why?

  • Minor AC issues like broken equipment parts, gas leaks, wear & tear on pipes can damage your AC in the long run. So if you notice these issues, now is the time to hire AC services providers for an AC repair in Vancouver, WA.
  • Summer is the time when all HVAC contractors are busy. More the demand, the prices of AC servicing can go up as well. So, it’s better to hire an AC service company in winter or spring.

What Does an Annual Air Conditioning Service Look Like?

Well, now that you know how important it is to service your AC, here is what professionals do when you hire them for an annual AC service.

  • Professional technicians check the blower, motor, drain line and resolve any issues that they find.
  • They check the compressor, condenser, evaporator coils, operating pressures, and temperatures to make sure your AC is functioning perfectly.
  • Trained technicians also check the refrigerant levels, supply lines, wiring, and other connections.

Invest in an AC Maintenance Plan

Today, many reputed HVAC companies have AC maintenance plans within the budget of customers. Under the AC maintenance plans, you can get services like:

  • Seasonal AC inspections and air conditioning tune-ups
  • AC filter replacement and thermostat repairs
  • Inspection of the insulation and airway cleaning
  • Regular lubricant and Freon gas/ refrigerant checks

Therefore, without wasting any more time, contact us for AC servicing now! Call us at 360-944-8616.