How Do You Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer?

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Are you ready to beat the unbearable hot days of Summer with your air conditioner? Your answer would be yes, but is your air conditioner prepared to cool down the heat efficiently?

The answer depends on another question which is whether you have prepared your air conditioner for summer or not.

You don’t have to rely on an HVAC contractor in Vancouver, WA, to prepare your AC for the summer season. Follow these not-so-hard tips, and you will get more efficient air conditioning.

These AC tips will make your summer cool and hassle-free

Give your AC are tune-up

A yearly tune-up is as essential for an AC as food to our body. You may be able to keep using your AC without an annual tune-up, but when you skip yearly AC tune-up more than once, your air conditioner unit can suddenly stop working, which leads to the need for early replacement or too expensive repairs.

Not only expensive repairs or replacements, but you will also have to invest your valuable time and bear the effect of Summer heat indoors due to a malfunctioning air conditioner. Hire only a licensed HVAC contractor in Vancouver, WA, for the tune-up service.

Don't leave your AC uncleaned

The clogging will obstruct the airflow and decrease the cooling level of your air conditioner. Clean your AC from time to time to prevent clogging. Don’t forget to turn your AC off before cleaning it.

The air filter needs replacement every month. If your air conditioner uses a reusable filter, you can wash it off to remove the dirt. Use a vacuum to pull off the accumulated dirt, dust, etc., from the outdoor unit. Some dirt particles are too stubborn to be removed using a vacuum, and you can prefer a water hose to clean them.

Do not harm the electric connections and delicate fins during cleaning. Tighten the loose bolts. Wait until your outdoor unit gets completely dry before turning your AC on.

Ensure nothing obstruct the airflow

There should be no obstructing component near indoor or outdoor AC units. Clear off the vines, bushes, shrubs, etc., near the outdoor AC unit to prevent debris collection. You can also use a condenser cover when your air conditioner is not in use or specifically during winter.

Make sure there is no refrigerant leakage. If you find excessive moisture near ducts or refrigerant lines, get it fixed by Vancouver’s trusted HVAC companies.

Avoid constant AC use

It is a habit to use AC constantly without a break during the summer season, which can lead to premature wear and tear. You can use an efficient ceiling fan for less hot summer days.

Also, keep your window closed and put a curtain or any effective window shading to prevent the entrance of heat inside. An air conditioner that gets some rest provides better cooling.

You can enhance the efficiency of your conditioner by yourself by following the last three steps, and for the first step, you can trust Home Energy Group Inc., a two-decades-old HVAC company in Vancouver, WA.

We work with integrity and dedication to provide you with the comfort you desire. To hire our skilled technician for your HVAC system, give us a call or send us an email.