How Do You Clean An Old Furnace Burner?

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Irritated by your furnace giving out now and then? Is your gas burner not giving a blue flame? Please read this article to know how to clean your old gas furnace burner properly and ensure that the issue does not repeat itself.

Cleaning an old furnace burner is not a tough task, and you can do it yourself using DIY methods. However, you should always seek consultation from experts before working on your furnace. A dirty flame burner can cause various issues in a furnace, and cleaning it is utterly essential. Issues like a banging sound, yellow flame, improper airflow can result from a dirty furnace burner.

Methods To Clean Your Furnace Burner

Cleaning your old furnace burner isn’t difficult. You can gather some essentials and do it yourself if you follow these tips and methods.

  1. Gather the required hardware: Get a screwdriver, ratchet, socket, new furnace filter, oil, brush attachment, and other required things.
  2. Turn the main power off the furnace: Locate the circuit breaker box and turn the furnace’s power button to the off position. Similarly, turn the gas valve off.
  3. Clean the furnace’s outer and inner surfaces: Use a wet cloth to clean out the furnace’s inner and outer surfaces so that it is easy for you to work on them. Then remove the furnace access door by lifting it. Then use a vacuum to clean out the burners thoroughly. Also, clean the furnace base. You should also clean the blower compartment and make sure to reach the back. Clean up the soot, which is an indicator of issues with the furnace burner.
  4. Remove the blower: First, unscrew the control panel that hides the blower fan. Then use sockets to remove the blower carefully.
  5. Clean the blower thoroughly: Use a vacuum or small burner to clean the blower gently. Make sure that the wiring and counterweights are not disturbed, as it can lead to further issues.
  6. Clean the pilot: Another major step, cleaning the pilot, is necessary as it works as an ignitor. Blow off the dust from the pilot using an empty pen or a straw, making sure that you do not put too much pressure on the pilot.
  7. Clean the flame sensor gently: Use an emery cloth to wipe the dust and dirt off the flame sensor rod. The flame sensor rod is important for lighting the flame, so make sure to remove it and return it to its place carefully.
  8. Inspect the drive belt
  9. Lubricate the moving parts: Use oil to lubricate the moving parts of the furnace. But make sure to lubricate the right amount.
  10. Replace the air filter now: Change the air filter now and make sure to change it every 90 days to maintain your furnace’s efficiency and health.
  11. Restart the burners: Now, turn the main power to your furnace and check if the burners are working properly.

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