How Do You Clean A Clogged Air Conditioning Unit’s Condenser?

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A clogged air conditioner’s condenser is one of the common reasons many AC unit owners call for AC repair in Vancouver, WA. However, proper regular maintenance can prevent this issue as the technicians would clean it in every visit.

By simply cleaning the drain line regularly, you can avoid such problems.
You will have to pour ¼ cup of vinegar down the pipe every month. This vinegar will kill all the bacteria and fungi that might grow inside the condensate pipe and clog it.

Steps to clean the clog :

If you find that your air conditioning unit’s condensate drain is clogged, below are the detailed steps to remove the clog on your own:

  • Firstly, turn your air conditioning unit off. Then find the circuit breaker corresponding to your air conditioner and turn it off too.
  • Find your condensate drain. Your condensate drain line is a PVC pipe located near the air conditioner’s outdoor unit, which is attached to the wall of the home.
  • Now locate the access point that is on the drain line. You can easily find this as most of the drain lines will have a T- shaped vent tee along with a cover or a cap. Remove this cap and check for blockages.
  • Take white vinegar and distill it with ¼ cup of water. Mix this solution thoroughly as the acidity of the white vinegar is high, and it will eventually kill the growth of bacteria in the lines. In place of vinegar, you can use peroxide or hot soapy water too.
  • Let this solution sit in the drain pipe for 30 minutes. Later, flush down the solution to check if everything is flowing freely.
  • To have the best results, repeat these steps every month to kill the mold formation. This method of cleaning enhances the performance of the system.

Symptoms and causes of a clogged drain line

The condensate from your air conditioning units is collected in the drain pipe. If you are overusing the unit or having longer cycles than usual, it produces more condensate. As a result, there will be more water than the pipe can manage, and it will start to overflow.

When there is excess water, we can see the growth of algae and other bacteria. If the drainpipe is left uncleaned, these bacteria will grow and cause clogs in the pipe. Therefore regular AC services in Vancouver, WA, are a must.

Additionally, with the excess water leaking, there will be elevated humidity levels, and a foul smell will start coming out from the air conditioning unit due to bacteria and dirt accumulation. Breathing this air might lead to several respiratory problems.

If you cannot clean your clogged condenser yourself, do not hesitate to look out for a professional who provides an AC repair in Vancouver, WA, or call us at (360) 944-8616.
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