How Can You Protect Your Outside AC Unit From Rain?

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Washington residents may find it challenging to maintain their residential spaces comfortable due to frequent hail, floods, and other kinds of bad weather. Most of us depend on our Air conditioning systems to keep us cool during summer thunderstorms. Your family may be secure inside, but your air conditioning equipment may not be.

What should you do if it’s raining outside and you have an outside air conditioner? How can you make sure that you don’t require AC replacement in Battle Ground, WA, due to heavy rains? Here are five suggestions for keeping your AC system operational even during the worst storms.

5 Tips To Protect Your Ac Unit From Rain

  • Cover Your Ac Unit

Hail and debris are two of the most dangerous foes of systems. Place a thick canvas cover over your AC unit if a hailstorm or strong winds are expected. This will keep the unit safe throughout the storm and enable you to relax knowing that it is secure.

With the help of AC installation in Ridgefield, WA, Consider installing hail guards on the unit’s most vulnerable locations if hail is forecasted. If you use a cover for your heating or air conditioning, switch it off until the storm passes, then turn it back on once the storm has gone.

  • Ignore Using Your Ac Unit During A Storm

Electricity surges may damage appliances, such as your AC unit. To avoid any potential issues, consider disconnecting your device. If your unit is struck by electricity, this approach will also prevent any excessive currents from entering your house.

If there is a power loss, wait until the electricity is restored before plugging in your system. A significant amount of damage may be done by a sudden surge.

  • Install Your Ac Unit In An Elevated Area

Flooding is a risk that occurs with storms. As a result, putting your unit in a higher location minimizes the risk of water damage. To discover more about possible floodwater heights near your home, consult the floodplain maps in your region.

If you think your AC unit may be in danger of flooding, talk to a trained AC installation in Ridgefield, WA, for additional information on elevating it above the flood line.

  • Maintain A Clean Yard

Debris and branches may be thrown into your AC unit, causing it to break down. To prevent expensive repairs, make sure any trees or shrubs are trimmed and dead limbs are removed. Trimming limbs keeps them from being loose and causing damage during a storm.

Furniture in the yard may potentially cause problems with your AC system and your home. To prevent any complications, consider relocating or securing any items that may be blown into your residence by the wind before severe weather.

Have recent rains damaged your air conditioner? Need AC replacement in Battle Ground, WA? Considering getting a new air conditioner? For decades, Home Energy Group Inc. has assisted residential and commercial spaces with cooling and heating systems. You can call us at (360)-944-8616 or write to us at [email protected]!