Five Common Problems With Older AC Units

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Air conditioning systems help us cope with the summer nights and days comfortably and conveniently. However, air conditioning systems are not designed to deliver their vital services forever.

Eventually, the machine can exhaust itself due to extensive usage and sometimes lack of maintenance services. So, how would you know when to call the AC replacement services in Vancouver, WA?

Five different signs to help you find the AC system aging

Our technicians have made a list that will assist you in cross-checking what you are thinking the regarding AC system is true or not:

Low refrigerant issues

A refrigerant is a chemical fluid that helps to deliver chilling and freezing air in the living space. You should never think about the refrigerant issues in the starting, but the refrigerant tanks get exhausted as time goes by. So, after several successful years of working, you can face this problem. You should call the AC installation services in Vancouver, WA, to refill the refrigerant tank.

However, if the AC system works on R22 refrigerant, you might need to replace the old AC soon. The Environmental Protection Agency has prohibited using R22 refrigerant because of its damaging effect on the environment.

Electrical wiring issues

It is better to let an electrician deal with all the electrical issues because an electrician knows how to handle the electric wires carefully without causing any catastrophe, especially with old HVAC units. The wires’ covering may tear out, exposing the copper wires which carry the electric current.

Faulty wiring causes a sudden increase in electrical issues like fuse tripping, sparking, and thermostat connection problems.

Warm air coming from the AC vents

Due to periodic maintenance and old age, AC vents blowing out warm air is another issue. Periodic maintenance causes the dust to accumulate on the filters, duct system, and components, which obstruct the cooling process. Old components are too weak to perform exponentially to remove the dust from the way leading to increased energy consumption.

Wear and tear problem

Worn-out parts can cause a declination in the efficiency of the AC services. The wear and tear of the components is a part of the AC process, and it happens because the system has been working for so long. Maintenance services minimize the risk of wear and tear, but if you are not a fan of regular maintenance, it might happen sooner than expected. Call the AC installation in Vancouver, WA, immediately if you are behind your maintenance services schedule.

The refrigeration cycle stops frequently or runs continuously

The AC system starts the refrigeration or cooling cycle when the thermostat records a difference between room and thermostat temperatures. The compressor starts the work until the thermostat records the room temperature is equal to the thermostat temperature. So, if there are issues in the cycle, it either means the airways are blocked, or there is a fault in the compressor.

If you notice all the above signs in your household, it would be best for an AC replacement technician in Vancouver, WA, to have a quick check. The signs indicate there is either a massive problem developing inside the unit, or your AC system is tired and will break down soon.

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