Can I Run You AC Without A Filter For One Night?

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All parts and components of an air conditioner are equally important for its efficient working and comfort. If any part of the air conditioner is absent or malfunctions, the system, and your comfort will suffer eventually. If any part malfunctions, you should contact a technician for AC repair in Brush Prairie, WA, to fix it at the earliest.

An air conditioner without air filters

Using your air conditioner without the air filters for a few minutes is not a problem, but you will face issues if you continue the absence of air filters for more than an hour.

Working process of air filters

You need to know how air filters work to understand what problems you will face if you use your air conditioner without the air filters for more than an hour:

  • Air filters trap minute particles and organisms like pollen, dirt, dust, pet hair, bacteria, virus, and allergens from the indoor air. 
  • They also ensure the airflow within the air conditioner is smooth to avoid problems due to restricted airflow.

The absence of air filters will affect these two functions adversely.

Problems due to the absence of air filters

Now that you know what air filters do, you can better understand the problems in their absence. Here are several problems that may trouble you when you remove the air filters:

  • Increased energy bills: Air filters maintain a smooth airflow within the system. However, in the absence of air filters, dust will enter the system and damage sensitive parts in it, thus decreasing the overall efficiency and increasing your energy bills.

  • Damaged compressor: The compressor is exceptionally important in an air conditioner as any damage to the compressor means you will have to contact a technician for AC installation in Brush Prairie, WA, to replace the compressor. 

  • Decreased air quality: The absence of air filters will mean the pollutants and dirt floating in your indoor air will not leave, thus decreasing the indoor air quality of your home and increasing the chances of breathing problems.

  • Frozen evaporator coils: When the dust settles on the evaporator coils due to the absence of air filters, it will develop ice on its surface after a few hours or days. Ice formation reduces the overall efficiency of your air conditioner.

  • Less conditioned air: Air filters ensure the cool air leaving the air conditioner distributes evenly in your home. In their absence, your air conditioner will not work as efficiently as before, and you will not receive much cool air for your home.

  • More dust around your home: As we said, air filters trap dust from your indoor air. Their absence means the dust in your home will stay, and the dust inside the air conditioner will also enter your home, increasing the dust content.

Using an air conditioner without an air filter is a question that comes to owners’ minds, but owners do not know a trustworthy HVAC company who can answer their doubts. 

Home Energy Group will answer your doubts and provide you with the best HVAC services in Brush Prairie and other surrounding areas.