Can I Replace Just The AC Condenser?

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The condenser unit, which is the external component of your air conditioner, works by compressing the refrigerant and forcing it through its condenser coils to remove heat from the air outside the building essentially. You turn on your air conditioner when summertime rolls around to stay cool. However, you are faced with a choice as to whether you should replace the external unit if it cannot support you in hot weather and produces issues.

If the problem persists, you can replace just your condenser unit. Replacing both AC units should be performed by an technician of ac installation in Ridgefield, WA, which is the preferable option. Keep on reading for more information on AC condensers:

  • Newer AC condensers cannot be used with old indoor units: Older air conditioners use R-22, an outdated type of refrigerant. Since all new air conditioning systems utilize 410A, a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. It is nearly hard to obtain a new condenser unit compatible with your old interior if your current AC is more than ten years old.
    This new refrigerant is incompatible with AC units that continue to use the older R-22 refrigerant. It means that your new condenser unit won’t function if your old indoor unit continues to use R-22.
  • Lower performance: Because your air conditioner has two sets of coils—the evaporator and the condenser—replacing an exterior unit alone can lead to low energy efficiency, uncomfortable temperatures, and system wear and tear. Efficiency will suffer if these coils don’t match, and your AC valve, which manages the refrigerant flow to your coil, will have to work harder.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty may not apply: The manufacturer will not cover any additional repairs or replacement parts if you replace your condenser unit and it doesn’t exactly match your indoor unit. When you install AC, the cost of replacing parts that failed due to a manufacturing error is covered by the warranty from the manufacturer. This guarantee is only valid if your outdoor and indoor systems are matched.
  • Minimum SEER rating: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, measures how effectively your air conditioner cools; the higher the number, the more effectively your unit will operate. Generally, we shouldn’t replace only an AC condenser because the coil is incompatible with a unit that complies with the current SEER.
    By alone, replacing the AC condenser can reduce the SEER rating of your unit, leading to an inefficient system and all the issues that go along with it.
  • Fails to cool properly: Your HVAC system can last ten years or longer with routine maintenance by ac installation in Ridgefield, WA. The system’s performance may be hampered by incompatibility caused by replacing just one unit, whose life is severely decreased.
    Your system could have to work twice as hard to satisfy your cooling needs, and it might also have a lot of additional issues. Numerous issues can be avoided by replacing the indoor and outdoor AC simultaneously from air conditioning repair in Ridgefield, WA. 

Bottom line

For improved performance and a longer lifespan, replacing the indoor unit with an AC condenser is always a good idea. Home Energy Group, Inc. is a reputable HVAC contractor that provides a wide range of residential and commercial heating, air conditioning, and ventilation services, including installation, maintenance, and repairContact us now to receive our best service and enjoy your summer days without stress.