Air conditioner replacements- what to keep in mind?

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Getting a new HVAC unit or replacing your air conditioning system is a big decision. People often find themselves at a crossroads between getting air conditioning replacement or opting for extensive repair work. At some point in time, you won’t be able to ignore the need to replace the air conditioning unit in your house.

But how can you know when to go for a complete air conditioning replacement in Brush Prairie, WA? Should you get your unit checked by an expert before making any decisions? Do you have the budget for a replacement? Many such questions are considered before taking a replacement decision. Contact us Today for Air Conditioning Replacement in Brush Prairie, Vancouver, Battle Ground, WA and Surrounding Areas.

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Factors to keep in mind

  • Duration

When did you first start using your current air conditioning system? The average lifespan of an old air conditioner is anywhere between ten to fifteen years. While for newer air conditioners it is fifteen to twenty years. ACS are usually very exposed to outside weather conditions. That’s why, apart from the usual wear and tear that all HVAC systems face, ACs also face the brunt of humidity, toxic gases and so on. If you live in areas with higher humidity or higher temperatures, it’s better to replace your AC within twelve years.

  • Efficiency

An air conditioning replacement in Brush Prairie, WA, is the right decision if your unit is inefficient, ecologically harmful and causes your utility bills to skyrocket. Despite not plugging in any new electronic devices, your AC has become inefficient if your electricity bills suddenly increase. IT requires more and more electricity to give the same level of cooling as before. You should also check the SEER(Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) for your AC, to check whether it’s energy-efficient or not.

  • Complete shutdown

Imagine it is a very hot summer day, and you are dying to cool yourself. You rush to your house, switch on the AC, but it breaks down. Without regular tune-ups, AC breakdowns become a common occurrence during summers. If your HVAC unit keeps shutting down frequently, it might be time to call in the experts for an air conditioning replacement in Brush Prairie, WA.

  • Budget constraints

Get a proper consultation from the experts at Home Energy Group, Inc to see whether minor repairs can fix your AC. However, if your AC is old and is more than 10-12 years old or has a habit of breaking down frequently, you should opt for a replacement instead. Apart from this, a frequent increase in electricity bills, despite maintenance and repairs could also mean that it’s time for a replacement.

Home Energy Group, Inc for air conditioning replacement in Brush Prairie, WA

With over twenty years of experience in the bag, the team at Home Energy Group, Inc has emerged as a top choice for air conditioner replacements. Driven by a sense of community, the team is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service. Home Energy Group, Inc focuses on creative energy-efficient solutions to your HVAC problems, making your home and this planet a healthier place to live in.