8 Common Problems With Conventional Gas Furnaces

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Homeowners often fail to diagnose and address issues with their gas furnaces. When the furnace gets old, various issues start popping up. And, it is important to get them fixed fast.

Let’s look at some of the common problems with conventional gas furnaces:

  1. Lack of Sufficient Heat
Homeowners often complain that the furnace is not producing enough warm air anymore. There can be many reasons behind it. Clogged filters can be one of the reasons. Heat registers and loose power connections are more.

Clogged filters restrain the heat from passing from the furnace, this is why homeowners should get regular maintenance and get the filters replaced every 2-3 months. Furnace repair in Ridgefield, WA is always a good idea to help their system get back to it’s original state.

  2. Continuous Running Blower
Blowers run to remove excess heat from the furnace. If it is continuously running, it indicates a serious problem. It usually occurs when the thermostat is set to the ‘fan’ mode.

Setting the thermostat on the ‘fan’ mode is a good idea during humid weather. But, it will strain the blower if it runs constantly. The owner should set the thermostat at ‘auto’ to avoid continuous running.

Another reason behind the constant running of the blower is faulty fan limit control. The fan limit control switch is responsible for monitoring the temperature inside the furnace. It cuts the power once the desired temperature is achieved.

  3. The Pilot Light is Out
The pilot light usually goes out due to the strong draft. When dirt gets accumulated in the pilot burner or gas tube, it obstructs the gas supply.

Homeowners can always relight the pilot light. But, if the homeowner couldn’t still light, then it is time to get it checked.

  4. Ignition Failure
Modern gas furnaces have ignition installed in them. It functions on a high-voltage electrical spark to light the furnace. A resistance is put in between to control the heating element. The homeowner can easily fix it by calling the electrical technicians.

  5. Strange Noise
If you identify a furnace producing excessive noise, it normally highlights that it is strained; it can easily be fixed. It usually happens due to a lack of maintenance.

Homeowners should address this issue and call out furnace repair in Battle Ground, WA, it can lead to costly repair if ignored.

  6. Faulty Thermostat
Temperature dysfunction in the furnace is often due to a fault in the thermostat. The homeowner should check that the thermostat is set at a desirable temperature.

If there is a power supply in the thermostat, yet the furnace continues to be dysfunctional, the homeowner should immediately ask for help.

  7. The Thermostat and Furnace are Mismatched
The furnace and thermostat must match each other. There will be operating problems if you pair up the thermostat with the wrong furnace.

You should always seek technical guidance to pair the right furnace with the right thermostat.

  8. Short Cycling
This is one of the common problems which homeowners often come across. If your furnace cycles on and off more than it should, it indicates a serious problem within it.

Try calling our expert technicians to get the unit checked up.

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