6 Warning Signs of AC Problems

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A professional AC installation in Ridgefield, WA, can make the summer season more comfortable for you. When your AC needs a professional inspection, you experience some warning signs.

Most AC issues need repair only; you can even fix some AC issues without calling an expert. However, you can fix the damage only if you identify the warning signs of your AC and act quickly.

Warning Signs of AC Problems

The air conditioning unit consists of several parts, i.e., compressor, condenser, blower, motor, air vents, duct lines, refrigerant, etc. When equipment has many components, it can be hard to tell which part is faulty and responsible for AC malfunctions.

Read the six warning signs to understand what is causing your AC to function abnormally.

1. AC is ON, Still no Cooling

The low refrigerant can cause no cooling issues. For low refrigerant, you will not need a new AC installation in Ridgefield, WA, unless your old AC uses Freon. The dirty air filter can be the other reason for no cool airflow. You should check the air filter to clean or replace it.

If these are not the reasons, the problem can be with the compressor. If your compressor is broken, you need to replace it.

2. AC Makes Unusual Noises

When the air conditioning system makes a buzzing noise, the problem is with the electrical connections and wiring. You should hire our professional to fix the buzzing noise of the AC instead of handling the wires yourself.

The coolant leaks when the AC makes a hissing, bubbling, or gurgling noise. Inspect the air duct and the AC unit to find and seal the leakage.

3. Utility Bills Above Expectations

The AC unit needs repair service when you have not changed your temperature settings and AC usage, but the utility bills are too high. Mainly two reasons cause high utility expenses, i.e., neglected maintenance and HVAC age.

If you own a 15-year-old AC unit that has become less energy-efficient, contact us for AC installation in Brush Prairie, WA.

4. Strange Odors

The air conditioning unit should never release odors. If your AC is producing strange smells, it needs an urgent repair. The sweet fruity smell is a sign of a refrigerant leak.

The burning plastic smell alerts you about the burnt wire, whereas the rotten vegetable smell indicates dirty AC and mold growth.

5. Antifreeze is Leaking

When you notice moisture around the AC unit or schedule coolant filling service frequently, your AC is leaking the antifreeze. A refrigerant leak harms health, and you should fix it immediately with an AC repair.

6. An AC Unit is Heating

The inaccurate settings on the thermostat or damaged thermostat can be responsible for AC blowing hot air. If your AC is heating instead of cooling, check the settings on the thermostat and reset it. If this solution doesn’t work, schedule an AC service.

Allow us to Fix your Malfunctioning AC

All these AC malfunctions can be prevented through an annual maintenance service. However, the maintenance service and repair may not be the long term solution for 10 to 15-year-old AC.

Home Energy Group Inc. can help you with any HVAC service you need with our 20 years of experience. Schedule service for cooling repairs and AC installation in Brush Prairie, WA.