3 Things That Happen During Furnace Installation

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Getting ready for the winter? Your furnace in the house will require attention, because it is not used throughout the summer, it needs to be cleaned up before it can start functioning again. There can be a possibility that it has serious problems and has to be replaced. If that is the scenario, purchasing a new furnace could only be the first step. The process of furnace installation in Vancouver, WA, can be a daunting task. It is better to hire our professional HVAC technicians for this. You can consult with our HVAC contractor in Vancouver, WA, regarding our furnace installation procedure.

Things That Happen During Furnace Installation

We will briefly explore how the furnace installation process works in this particular write-up. Our furnace specialists can assist you in making the best furnace selection for your house.

Here are some things that typically occur during the installation process:

  • Removing The Old Heater

Replacing an old heater will require considerable time and effort. The removal of the heater is a labor-intensive task that takes time. Our installation specialists remove the previous heating system and ensure it is disposed of properly. The area is now free to accommodate the new system. It is advised that the area be thoroughly cleaned before positioning and installing the new system.

  • Establishing Suitable Connections

The new furnace is appropriately installed and fitted into the available space. For safety purposes, the furnace is typically anchored to the floor. The furnace is now connected to various house areas to ensure optimal functioning. The ventilation system is one essential component. The furnace needs to be connected to the ductwork’s flanges. The ductwork may require modifications to make connections more convenient. The power supply is then attached to the furnace. The connection to the gas or electrical line is then made with extreme caution and safety measures.

  • System Testing

It is extremely important to determine whether the system is operating properly, even though it is the last phase in the installation process. To ensure that the system is functioning properly, the furnace is turned on while the airflow and intake are examined. There should be no compromise when it comes to safety risks.

Make Your Space Comfortable With Your New HVAC System

As soon as your AC or furnace installation in Vancouver, WA, is complete, our technicians run pressure and vacuum checks. The new HVAC system is thoroughly inspected after being charged with a new refrigerant. To check that all new components are functioning properly, technicians add refrigerant and turn on the system.

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