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Daikin was founded in 1924 and is now the world leader in the Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning(HVAC) industry. Since then, they have helped to revolutionized the HVAC industry with new products and technology. They have now brought this specialty to the Northwest.

Use the Daikin Difference

Their goal is to set itself apart from their competitors by offering technologically innovated equipment while supporting that equipment with the best warranty in the business. They provide their customers with expert equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications. They also select Daikin Comfort Professionals to install their equipment.

Three Areas of Difference


Daikin’s expectations of it’s equipment and Daikin Comfort Pros are the highest in the industry.


Comfort for Life. Improve your home’s indoor comfort system with their equipment.


Daikin cares not only about individual home owners, but also the entire world. Innovation for more efficient, cleaner products has pushed Daikin to become a global company.


Unitary Systems-

Gas Furnace, Electric Air Handler, Heat Pump, Air Conditioner, and Package Units

Unitary Systems have one indoor and one outdoor unit(Except Package Units). The indoor and outdoor units transfer heating and cooling through a refrigerant line set. A blower is connected to duct work which spreads heated or cooled air throughout an office or home. The indoor unit can be inside the building, a crawlspace or attic. Outdoor units are in exterior locations that allow high air flow.

Inverter Systems (Commonly known as Ductless Systems)

Ductless or minimal duct options

Inverter system has a compressor motor that controls the flow of refrigerant and therefor making it more efficient than traditional style systems. When the system requires more refrigerant, the compressor motor ramps up and transfers more refrigerant. The motor ramps down to match the required need thus saving energy. This helps to keep the system run steady and uses less electricity. Traditional inverter systems normally are ductless but there are new duct system options using the inverter technology. Ductless version are mounted on the wall or in the ceiling.

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