Air Scrubber Plus In Brush Prairie, WA

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Air Scrubber Plus in Brush Prairie, Vancouver, Battle Ground, WA and Surrounding Areas

The Air Scrubber Plus is the newest technology in Indoor Air Quality.

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The Air Scrubber Plus was originally created to be used on the International Space Station, it now provides homes and offices with the most advanced indoor filtration available. It attaches easily to most heating and cooling systems. The Air Scrubber Plus is available in duct and ductless models.

What can it do?

Clean– Reduces Contaminants

Many contaminants are transferred into the home by clothing, bodies, or other items. They then are spread across a wide variety of surfaces. The Air Scrubber Plus has proven technology to destroy up to 99% of all contaminants that enter the home. It also attacks the air contaminants and can reduce them by up to 90%.

Deodorize– Banishes Lingering Odors

We all become used to the odors in our home. When others visit, these odors are the first thing people notice. Strong odors from cooking or animals stand out.

Purify– Reduces Irritating Particles

In the Northwest, allergy season lasts year-round. Dust, pollen, and mold are the most common pollutants which cause irritation. The Air Scrubber Plus specialized technology uses light waves and catalytic processes to purify the air. A heating and cooling system then distributes the air through the entire house.

Comparison of the Air Scrubber Plus to other filtration systems

Air Scrubber Plus Filtration System Comparison Chart

Use of Ozone

Ozone is in the air everywhere. There is a long history of using ozone as a disinfectant and cleaner in the HVAC industry and other industries. The Air Scrubber Plus designed produces ozone to help clean the air. The ozone levels are lower than the limits provided by the EPA.

  • Ducted systems are available in Ozone or Non-Ozone systems
  • Ductless systems are only available in Non-Ozone system

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