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Exciting News Coming about the new Daikin Ductless Systems: “Emura”

Emura by Daikin - Two-Head Ductless Mini Split System

Ductless Mini Splits, also known as ductless heat pumps or air conditioners have set a new standard for heating and cooling homes. Home Energy Group offers Daikin Ductless Systems. Whether you want a single zone, multi zone or connect into the new inverter controlled ducted systems, Home Energy Group can provide you with that you want.

What’s different about Ductless Systems?

Ductless systems have compressor inverter technology. This controls the compressor speed to maximize efficiency. The compressor then runs at a constant level. It acts similar to cruise control in a car, staying constant with no full starts and stops. This is different from traditional systems where the whole unit starts and stops when called upon. Those starts and stops use more energy and don’t give a consistent temperature.

With the addition of Mini Split systems, previously areas that couldn’t get heating and cooling, now can. This includes older homes, additions, remodels, basements, and offices areas.  Only a small refrigerant line needs to connect the indoor head unit to the outdoor unit. A condensate line also needs run to get rid of any water that is built up from the system.

Winter-Summer Ductless Heat Pump Image

Ask our team about ductless system rebates through Clark Public Utilities.

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