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Maintenance Program: “Home Heating & Cooling Systems”

Save Money with Heating and Cooling Maintenance Progams

Air Conditioner, Furnace, or Heat pump maintenance plans can help you avoid system break downs when the weather is at its worst. It’s common for heating or cooling systems that are not regular maintained, to breakdown during the coldest night or during a sizzling summer heat wave. These are the times when your system must work the hardest and when you need them the most. A Home Energy Group Maintenance Program can give you peace of mind that you and your family will enjoy all year long.

Consider these advantages:

  • Pre-Season Check-ups – your HVAC system is inspected and serviced prior to the peak seasons.
  • Energy Savings – With regularly scheduled maintenance your unit is certain to operate more efficiently and use less power. Clean air filters assure maximum air flow while clean coils operate more efficiently.
  • Priority Service – Customer holding service agreements receive priority over those who do not.
  • No Surprises – You will be informed on any necessary repairs needed before the work is done and with the maintenance agreement, you will save 15% of the cost of the parts and labor.
  • Prolong the Effective Life of Your Equipment – With regular maintenance on your system, minor problems are corrected that can lead to serious ones if not detected early.
  • Well maintained heating and air systems last longer!


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General Maintenance

Check controls of the system. Check and inspect for wear and damage. Inspect electrical components.

Cooling Specific

Clean evaporator and condenser air conditioner coils. Check refrigerant level.

Heating Specific

Check all gas connections, burner combustion and heat exchanger.

Save today on your maintenance tomorrow!

If you sign up for your next maintenance visit during today’s appointment, you will receive a discount on both visits. This will help not only your pocketbook but also one of the most expensive systems in your home.


If you are looking for a heating and cooling maintenance program in the Southwest Washington, please call us today at 360-944-8616 or complete our online service request.

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