Top 5 Common Causes Your Air Conditioner Is Failing

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With summer’s scorching heat, your only sense of comfort may be your AC. If this essential home appliance suddenly stops working, it can be a major cause for concern. For any issues requiring professional help, ensure you contact our expert AC repair service in Ridgefield. The earlier you take steps to repair your system, the fewer problems you will face.

Common Causes Behind The AC Failure

While you contact our repair service provider, you should know why an AC fails. This will allow you to be more careful with the system and can save your AC from such failures in the future. Below are top 5 causes which cause AC failure:

  • The Malfunctioned Circuit Breaker or Fuse

One of the most common reasons an AC breaks down suddenly is when the circuit breaker trips. At this point, you should check the circuit breaker and fuse. If you need to reset the breaker or change the fuse, allow the system to cool down for at least 15 minutes. If your issue remains unresolved, it would be better to contact our experts.

  • The Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat balances the temperature across your house. If the thermostat setting has not been set to the cool option, the AC will not be able to provide cool air across your rooms. As a result, the AC will keep turning off and on frequently. Recalibration may be required to address this problem and should be done by our air conditioner repair in Brush Prairie, WA.

  • Low Refrigerant

An air conditioner runs on the refrigerant that helps cool the indoor air. If your system doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it will fail to operate efficiently. The refrigerant runs low when there is a leak in the refrigerant line. If the problem isn’t handled immediately, the system may stop responding altogether.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils remain filled with refrigerant to cool the air circulating in your rooms. Ironically enough, these coils require warm air to operate. If the airflow is restricted due to dirty filters or other reasons, the evaporator coils will start to freeze eventually. As a result, the system will shut itself down after a certain point. Contact our reliable AC repair service in Ridgefield to solve this problem.

  • Avoiding Maintenance Service

Many homeowners skip adequate maintenance service every year either to save money or to avoid any extra service if the AC is running fine. Even though your system is running well, in-depth maintenance work can solve many problems before they arise. When you skip this, it could be neglecting the condition of the AC.

Air conditioner repair service in Brush Prairie, WA, is important for every homeowner. If you own an AC, a number of issues may arise that can lead to major repairs or a complete replacement if not resolved quickly.

Home Energy Group, Inc can help you keep your AC healthy and running smoothly. Our exceptional HVAC service will address any problem you may be facing. Call us at 360-944-8616 to learn more about our offers.