Signs Of A Bad Furnace Lgnitor

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A furnace ignitor is a crucial part of your furnace system. It is responsible for lighting the burner to begin the process of the cold air. If the furnace ignitor faces any issue, the air will not warm up, and your home will remain cold in the chilly winter season.

There are many ways to know if your furnace ignitor is bad or not. Sometimes, all it takes is a small fix to repair the issue. But if the problem is big, you should call a professional for heating repair in Battle Ground, WA, to solve it.

Signs Of A Faulty Furnace Ignitor

Although these signs can indicate many other underlying problems, the most common reason for these signs is a bad furnace ignitor. You should call your professional technician to find the real cause and problem that these signs indicate:

  • No Warm Air

The basic sign is no warm air coming out from the vents. If only cold air comes out from the vents and enters your home, it may mean that the ignitor is not creating that spark to light the burner. But no warm air may also mean that the thermostat is not correct and is still in the summer season. Check the setting of your thermostat to ensure that the ignitor is the culprit behind this problem.

  • Furnace Not Coming On

Your home is getting colder with every passing hour, and you have set the temperature to high, yet the furnace is not coming on. It can be a frustrating situation for furnace owners, and the ignitor may be faulty.

Before calling your technician for heating repair in Battle Ground, WA, check the thermostat and breaker of the furnace to ensure that they are working perfectly. Call your technician if these two are fine.

  • Furnace Unexpectedly Stops

All furnaces have in-built safety features that stop the furnace from working if they detect any issue. If your furnace unexpectedly stops working, there can be some causes for it, including the ignitor.

Check whether the air filters are clean or not, and remove any dirt and debris from them. A blocked air passage will hinder the working of the furnace, but if there are no blockages, the ignitor may be at fault. If your furnace is way too old to function, contact a company for furnace installation in Battle Ground, WA, to get a new system.

  • Frequent Short Cycling

If your furnace frequently has short cycles, you may have to contact a technician immediately to solve this problem. Not only does short cycling damage the sensitive parts of the furnace, but also it increases the chances of permanent breakdown of the system. If you do not wish to buy a new system, contact your technician as soon as possible.

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