How To Solve Clogged AC Condenser Problem?

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Different pieces of equipment of an air conditioner have unique duties, and each one is crucial for its efficient working. One such piece of equipment is the condenser. Condensers often get clogged due to debris. Before calling an HVAC contractor in Vancouver, WA, you can try solving it yourself.

Work of a condenser

The condenser converts the coolant vapors into liquid, which becomes vapors again due to the heat in the indoor air. The conversion of the coolant into vapor and liquid forms the condensed air that travels throughout the house through air ducts. Air conditioner owners tend to call for an air conditioning repair in Vancouver, WA, as soon as they detect any problems with the condenser or other parts of the system.

How to know if the condenser is clogging

Once the condenser clogs, the drain pan will fill up with the condensation liquid and may leak into your home, causing damage. There may be a foul odor and increased humidity level in the house. If you sense any of these problems, it is best to look for an expert who helps in the air conditioning repair in Vancouver, WA, as the issue has already grown to a higher level.

How to unclog the condenser?

If you catch these symptoms in the early stages, you can try to unclog the condenser before calling any HVAC contractor in Vancouver, WA. It will save you some money and high bills from the company. Before checking the condenser, check the drain line for any leakages or cracks. If the drain line is fine, you can inspect the condenser for clogging.

You will need a vacuum, a bucket, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, or chlorine bleach. Once you have collected everything, you can proceed to unclog the condenser with the following steps:

  • Ensure that the main power supply is off lest you may get an electric shock while working. Check the breaker and the thermostat to ensure this.
  • If the opening of the drain line is outside your home, locate its access point and remove its plug.
  • Attach the vacuum to the mouth of the access point and create an airtight suction with it. Use your hands around the connection or buy an attachment to ensure the airtight suction.
  • Let the vacuum run for a few minutes. Position your bucket in a way that it catches any debris coming out from the access point.
  • Keep changing the connection and position of the vacuum-pipe joint so that you can get maximum debris out of the condenser.
  • To ensure proper cleaning, find the access point of the drain line near the indoor handler, attach the vacuum to it and repeat the same process as above.
  • To be extra sure, pour the corrosive liquid into the access point and flush it out using water or vacuum after half an hour.

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