Do You Need A Permit To Replace A Furnace In Washington State?

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Home permits are necessary for almost all HVAC work, including installing and replacing the furnace, heat pump, and air conditioning system. Most residents and HVAC companies take this point lightly and skip this step to process forward with the installation process.

However, as a homeowner, it is your right to take permission from the law. You should reconsider your HVAC company if your furnace replacement service in Vancouver, WA, does not discuss the HVAC permit.

1. Do you need a home permit in Washington state?

In many states, home permits are necessary and strict actions can be taken by the law if you are found amending your property without a home permit. It is mandatory to have a mechanical or furnace permit in Washington state to proceed with furnace installation.

You might even need a low-voltage electricity permit because there will be changes due to control wiring and thermostat work.

2. Why is it necessary to have a home permit for heating system replacement?

Home permits act as a safeguard to protect your home and family if things go south. HVAC systems are massive investments necessary to keep the household comfortable during adverse weather conditions. All HVAC systems, including furnaces and heat pumps, should be installed precisely and accurately. An improperly installed HVAC system can be a threat to your family.

It will work inappropriately and will not deliver its best performance. An HVAC or home permit comes to the rescue in these adverse times. Sometimes, you might have to spend hundreds of dollars repairing the system due to improper installation. To avoid the consequences of faulty work during heat pump installation, contact Home Energy Heating Technicians in Battle Ground, WA for quality service.

3. Three reasons that explain why an HVAC permit gives you peace of mind

A permit confirms and assures that the HVAC company you have hired is licensed and the right fit to carry out the installation process.

If you have a permit, the officials will give a green flag if the installation and wiring are done precisely. Moreover, they will ensure the location and HVAC system are safe for operation.

Even if things go south and the unit is improperly installed, you are liable to get homeowners insurance for the damage or replacement if you have a permit.

Moreover, if the technicians of your furnace replacement company in Vancouver, WA, are bonded, then the company can cover all the costs for damage.

4. How to hire a professional HVAC company?

Here are some signs that you should look for on the HVAC company’s website while researching on the internet about them:

  • It would be best to look for the certification number on the company’s webpage. Moreover, look for the word bonded on the company about us page.
  • Look for the company’s experience in dealing with furnaces and other HVAC system installations.
  • Find out what their customers and people have to contribute to the company’s credibility and reliability.
  • It is a good sign if the technician explains all the costs clearly in the quote before installation and mentions the home permit.

Finding the perfect company that is reliable and in your neighborhood is essential. Home Energy Heating Technicians will apply for the home permit before starting your installation project. Call (360) 944-8616 and request an installation quote today!