Can A High-Efficiency Furnace Be Installed In My Attic?

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You must’ve thought of the attic at one point in time when you were getting your HVAC unit installed. Chances are that you opted it out as it didn’t seem the best place to put your heating system in.

This is a common misconception, as many people avoid the attic to place their home’s central heating systems. Of course, the attic should be properly insulated and covered in all open sections. This ensures that no hot air leaks out and no cold air from the outside gets in.

What are the other requirements if you’re going to install a high-efficiency furnace in your attic? What other things should you consider? Read on to know more!

How To Prepare Your Attic For The Installation?

There are two main ways to ensure that your attic is ready to install your house’s heating system.

  • Insulating the Attic Properly: Before installing the high-efficiency furnace, ensure that every nook and cranny of your attic is insulated. This makes it a conditioned space, and outside air won’t affect the unit at all then. An insulated attic provides the optimal conditions for your heating system to work, and HVAC experts rarely advise against installing your heating system in the attic if you’re up for it.
  • Channeling the Condensate Drain Through the Core of the House: This is another step that you should pay heed to if you’re going to install your furnace in the attic. If you’re going to install a gas furnace in your attic, you have to channel the condensate drain through the center of the house’s core to the basement. This ensures that the pipes and water do not freeze in the winter months. If they’re located near the outside of the house or in the outer area, then the chilly winter can freeze them. This, in turn, can stop your furnace from working.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing Your Furnace In The Attic?

Attic installations increase your home’s livable space and have many other prominent advantages that should prompt you to get your furnace installed there!

  • Less Ductwork and Lesser Cost: It’s easier to ventilate an attic furnace. So, lesser ductwork will be required. Thus, lesser cost of installation and ventilation.
  • Less Noise: Attic installations are ideal for homeowners who prefer peace and quiet. The noise made by the furnace will drown in the attic, which is another prominent advantage of attic installations.
  • Simple Installations: Attic installations are simple and easy to perform since they do not require much ventilation and ductwork.
  • Expand the Living Space: Attic installations provide livable spaces that would’ve been occupied by furnaces otherwise. Attics are not used much, so the homeowners can use the attic for furnace installation and use the extra space of their house for storing something else.

An attic installation requires shorter ducts and is preferred by a lot of people across North America. The advantages are too many if the attic is properly covered and all the precautions are taken. If you wish to get an attic installation done of your high-efficiency furnace, then contact Home Energy Group, Inc. We have the best furnace installation Vancouver, WA team and know how to get the job done! For further queries and questions, contact us on (360)944-8616 or visit our website!